Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The unexpected

Dear friends,

This is Shawna Stewart. Thank you for reading our blog and thank you for you prayers.
I wanted to let you now about an unexpected turn of events for our  Chorale.

First, several days ago, one of our beloved first tenors had to withdraw from the tour due to an infection in his body. Kerry Paxton, we miss you!

The following is posted with permission from Joshua Murdaugh:

About eight hours into our flight to Beijing, our beloved second tenor, Joshua Murdaugh, had a very large seizure and one smaller one. He was standing in the aisle talking with friends when he seizured. Our merciful God had aboard 2 nurses for us. Vincent works in the VA hospital in Long Beach (?) and Marita is a nurse at Hohe hospital in Newport Beach. Both, but especially Marita took great care of Joshua seeing that his vitals were stable and keeping him safe and comfortable as he seizured. He was unconscious for over 30 minutes. You can imagine, we were pretty worried, but are so grateful to the many people that helped out. At one point, though we couldn't understand him, one of the passengers came and apparently spoke some sort of a blessing or good will to him. It was very special.

Joshua, myself and my husband got to fly in business class for the rest of the flight. We of course all joked with Joshua telling him that it was quite a grand way for him to get a seat upgrade. 

We intitially thought Joshua would need to be admitted into a hospital in Beijing, but after consultation with his parents, his neurologist and several others, Joshua was given permission to fly to Seoul, where he is presently admitted to an international hospital. At this point, Joshua will stay overnight for observation, and return to us tomorrow. My husband Ken is with him. 

We covet your prayers and will keep you updated!

Thank you again for journeying with us. 


Joshua resting in Beijing, China before the flight to Seoul.

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