Thursday, April 24, 2014

Everyone slept well!

Paul Chang has checked in: "Everyone slept very well! We had an amazing breakfast at the hotel which has given us the energy for a very full day of performances. We are currently driving to our first performance and are listening to a devotion from our Chorale President Brianna. We are nervous and excited. Our rehearsal last night went very well! We know we can definitely still improve, but we are excited to share the music that we are able to create."


  1. we are praying from Minnesota!! love to all!!
    will any of the performances be live streaming??
    *make a joyful noise* and may the Spirit minister IN YOU & THRU YOU!
    (love the pictures!!! thanks for the updates!) <3

    1. After you all were able to access a live stream last time, I asked FEBC to alert us ahead if any performances will be broadcast this time. They said they would let us know, so I'll definitely post here if we get advance notice. Meanwhile, if you find out about any through your own research of websites, etc. please let me know and i'll post the info! Blessings to you!!