Thursday, April 24, 2014

Daegu: Concerts 1-3

Good morning from Daegu!

It was nothing short of a miracle that after 25+ hours of travel, we had a fantastic rehearsal before bedtime. The singers are amazing; God's grace and mercy is so evident. I am incredibly proud of them.

Bedtime was around 10:00 pm. and we were back up at 6:30 for an 8:15 call time.
Shortly we will be singing for students at Daeshin University. I had the privilege of joining many pastors, University presidents (including Daeshin University) and diginitaries last night (dinner) and this morning (breakfast) to talk about Biola and celebrate God's work here in Korea and around the world. Dr. Corey (Biola president) also joined us this morning here in Daegu.

We are all continually moved by the generosity of our hosts, Dr. Billy Kim and FEBC (Far East Broadcasting Company), and by how enthuisiastically they support Biola and the Chorale's ministry through music. Their fervor for God and His work is powerful. As one of the pastors this morning said, FEBC and pastors are looking to our music to refresh and revive the people amidst this time of national mourning. We are honored.

This afternoon we sing at Keisung High School and this evening at Dongshin Church where we will be joined by the FEBC Daegu Children's choir. Every FEBC site has their own Children's choir.
One of their choirs sang at Biola in the fall. I believe Chorale is going to burst with delight when they hear them!

Wishing you a joyful day.

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